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Related Disorders

There are many neurodevelopmental disorders, many of which can result in autism or autism spectrum disorders. For example, fragile X syndrome is the most common, known single gene cause of autism. It is important to remember that autism is a behavioral diagnosis while many of the other neurodevelopmental disorders are medical conditions. Again, fragile X syndrome is a good example. An individual can receive the behavioral diagnosis of autism and, later, a blood test can determine that the cause of the autism is the medical condition of fragile X syndrome. In this example, the individual has autism for which the cause is fragile X syndrome. That is, both diagnoses are correct.

Not all neurodevelopmental disorders result in autism, but it is important to talk to your child’s doctor about testing for neurodevelopmental disorders, even when a diagnosis of autism has been given. The following Wikipedia page provides a basic description:

Neurodevelopmental Disorders