Autism & Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States is one of the leading government institutions in the world that focuses on the latest, evidence-based knowledge about autism and related disorders. The CDC only shares information that represents the consensus of the best experts, evidence that has resulted from independent scientific studies, and treatments that have been proven to be effective. The CDC’s website provides the latest and best information and research that exists on autism.

Autism: See the Potential

An informative and entertaining 8 1/2 minute video from Autism Ontario in Canada. video

Sensory differences in children with autism

Many children with autism spectrum disorder have difficulty processing sensory information. These sensory challenges can influence learning and behavior and can have an impact on the child’s development. Children with autism may show difficulty in sensory processing when they experience high levels of stress and anxiety. This can lead to withdrawal, a change in mood and aggressive behavior. Some professionals recommend specific sensory interventions to help the child better manage sensory input. The National Autistic Society in the United Kingdom provides a helpful introduction and guide to sensory processing and intervention in autism.