Senses Cultural Academy of Health provides conference, workshop and seminar organization, promotion, facilitation and moderating, both in-person and online. It is our goal to offer such events in a variety of Middle Eastern languages as well as English. Please contact us to discuss your particular interests and needs. Our team has great experience in organizing successful events.

To learn more about our educational services, please read our report on the November 2015 Autism Symposium in Tehran. This event was first proposed by Senses Cultural and we played a major coordinating and co-sponsoring role. Read more


February 6, 2018 / Education

Weighted Blankets: Reducing Anxiety and Providing a Good Night’s Sleep

Sensory processing disorders and autism Many children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) struggle with sensory issues including sensory processing...
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January 16, 2018 / Education

5 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Language Development

Having a child with language delay can be a challenging and fear-provoking experience for most parents. Fortunately, there are some...
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